Thursday, March 31, 2011

It Should Be The First Post

People always ask to put their biodata in my blog but now,I want to put MINE.HAHA eh,About me kan dah ada? HMM,not satisfied with that!
Okay,this is ME
Ni lahhh..
Pandanglah selama yang mungkin.Jangan terpikat sudahh(kidding okay?).HAHA Jangan pandang orang belakang tu pulak.Tak ada kena mengena..

Okkay,Cita-cita tak payah bagitau lahh.Hobi?HMM,Online Fb,Blogging,Listen to the MUSIC,Chatting,play some games,capt some pictures and search a nice song.Eh,designing blog sekali!
Favourite colour:Army Green,Grey,Ocean blue,Hot pink,Luxury Purple,RED.Tu je KOT
Best bud:Aina,Mira dhania,Fareza,Tasya,C.w,Ct,sab,sabrina batrisyia,maisarah,fithrah and more.
SO,if you want to know about me MORE,just read my blog :3

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