Monday, October 24, 2011

Girly Games

Coco Girl.Yeahh,I played that game and haritu,I played Barbie games.HOHO yelahh,Mai bagi link game barbie so,I tried to played suddenly,macam best pulak.HEHEHE
okayfine,nampak je aku macam dah matang but,ada juga jiwa barbie.
BUT,game je okay
About coco girl,HMM.Game ni best tau.Kebaikan 1:dapat me-release-kan tension 'cause dia tak guna Energy and takde level.Just shopping,create looks dan lainlain's not really a hard game like It girl.Y'guys,serious tension gila main game tu.DAH GIVEUP dengan Mira dahh.


Saturday, October 22, 2011

Something New in My House

I have new penguin in my house.I know you guys must like,SAY WHAT?!
but,it's really true.Look at this picture:
Nama dia AGGO.Weird right? my brother yang bagi nama tu.NOT MEEE!
Now,my brother has 2 penguins kay actually,4 penguins.But,2 je yang dia suka.HUHH
Nasib baik 2 penguins ni berkawan.
yang mana satu nak peluk? 
Okay,just nak bagitau ni sahaja.Kay bai ;)


A little bit frightened feeling.Cold feet.Hard questions with a jammed brain.In that time,I don't know what to do and imagined the next situation.When the maths exam is over I realized that I have to stay focus on study and not too much playing or online.With a poker face,I stand up and said,"maths susah kot!".Everyone had a headache and me too!
Then,I'm waiting for my mom at staff room.I found regret words that is WHAT DID I DO?! and yeah,I regret.*sigh
NOW,in this 9 days of holiday(Deepavali) I'm gonna study 7 subjects.Wish me luck :)


Friday, October 14, 2011

Became Reality

Dream or Imagination?I can't bezakan.Actually,I don't know weather it's a dream or MY imagination.MMM
Last night/today's morning I dreamed/imagined I tak bawak buku PREP english(teacher Emily suruh bawak) and I photostat m/s yang kena buat.Semua orang macam hairan lah.Then,teacher Emily datang dekat aku and POOF! it all disappear.
Out of the blue(Mira hate this 4 words),I came to school just now and bila time English,for who yang tak bawak buku tu teacher suruh pergi photostat m/s yang diperlukan.I was like,-___- eh NO!I was like O_O!
Seriously? Dream really do comes true! :D

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Last Day of Cuti

1 word:DAMN!
like who yang suka pergi sekolah? to 1 KRK,school is a HELL.
tersangatlah malas nak pergi sekolah esok.HAIHH
nasib baik lah 3 days je.HEHE

Sunday, October 9, 2011


Broken heart.It's not really broken heart but a disappointment feeling.I've downloaded a movie titled,"You Again".I'm waiting till finish.I try to play it up and guess what? it's soundless.MUTE and SILENT that makes me just wanna cry.About a MONTH I'm waiting but,it disappointed me.Gonna sabar *sigh
At the first,my heart was like
But then,I

Now,I'm OKAY and try to get rid of that stuff but I can't.I've downloaded a movie titled,"Diary of a Wimpy Kid:Rodrick Rules".Hellyeah,I realized how stupid am I.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Just Wanna Say Hello

Hello(okay I don't have any idea what to say) and yes,this is Amira.
I don't know what to do right now and it means I'm bored.I don't have any hobby I mean,I don't have any work to do during this cuti seminggu ni.
What I do is=jaga adik aku and suruh dia pergi sekolah,tengok tv and online.ITU JE
Nak pergi jalanjalan,mama and ayah kerja.HUHHH
P/S:Sorry too pendek.I memang takde idea but berangan nak blogging.HAIHH Kay byy

Saturday, October 1, 2011


(this picture has nothing to do with this post.Sorry OKAY?)

Okay,cakap COPYCAT je confirm everyone tahuu.
I pernah kena tiru and dah biasa dahhh.I already forgive them 'cause kesian lahh dekat diorang,takde IDEA sangatt kan? so sometimes tertiruu kannn,tak sengaja.It's okayyy
Actually at the first,memang marah gilaa.I was like,apahal dia ni? nak tirutiru pulakk!bagi makan cili karangg pedas sikit mulut dia.
But then,I feel great about that 'cause you know what? at the same time,kalau kita fikirkan positif that's mean yang kena tiru tu HEBAT lahh sebab kalau orang tu tak kretif(cehh) takkan la ada orang nak tiru dia pulak kan?and itu membuatkan I feel just calm and senang maafkan copycat ni.
Sorry lah macam memuji diri sendiri :D but actually bila dah memuji macam ni maybe dia takkan buat dahh sebab dia mesti like,EIHH meluat aku tengokk.RIGHT?