Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My Day

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY!who's birthday?Someone in somewhere (copied from Victorious)
Okkay,it's NOT really 'my' day.But,I've through this day,today.
It's kinda GOOD.But,sometimes it is MISERABLE.The good news is=I've started playing ABC whatever it called but,we've played a game like in the VICTORIOUS.The miserable=My Geo text book missing.I miss the book!I'm remembering the first time I use it and what it's contained.Wish you were here,text book.
Today,We've learnt JUST two subjects.WHOAH!that is SO great.
Actually,today was gonna be my different day 'coz I wanna be different.Not the OLD AMIRA.The one who loves laughing out loud and making dumb jokes.
But,I cant.I cant STOP it.I just want a motivator stay by my side and give me some motivation.So,I'm not gonna make a SILLY-ACTION.GAH!wish I could change myself.but,I need a friend to change ME.

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