Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Greatest Day Than Ever

Flowers..Yeah,it bright up my eyes and perfecting my LIFE.I love this day and I chose the BEST picture ever.
OHKAY,It's quite NOISING out there and I can't focus so,If I had made a word mistakes,SORRY.Let's start the story,MY story actually.
It was really FUN.History is such an easy paper and art..Are ART is hard?I guess no one will say ART is an EXPERT test.
Had a waffle just now with MIRA.We shared 'coz FAREZA said,"Sharing is caring".So,I saved that words in my MIND.I knew it's kinda FUNNY words but,it was TRUE.So,Fareza..THANKS FOR SAYING THAT WORDS.that 3 WORDS!
Since my life was really FUN today,I just keep smiling and remember the HILARIOUS stuff that we did.Okay,just now..Fareza was checking if her dad was coming or not and then........
Me:*looking outside 
Mira:What are u looking at?
Me:Fareza..Dia dah balik kot
Mira:okay,wait 'till 10 minutes and kalau x datang balik tu..dia dah balik la kot
Mira:Entah-entah...dia belum balik..
Mira:Hmm,dah pikir bukan-bukan
Me:HAHA,Fareza kena KIDNAP!
Mira:kurang ajar doh.Aku bgtau dia.Mesti dia cakap,BODOH LA KAU!
Me:Alaaa..Aku cakap Kidnap je..bukannya kena rogol
Mira:Lebih kurang la tuu
Me:eh,eh..belum habes cakap lagi..kena kidnap ngan bapak dia..
Me:*laughing with Mira

Much more things but,I've forgot about it and If I was not-forgotting-about-that,this post must be so LONG!I know la,u guys must not read it if it's so long.So,I just want to be CAREFUL.

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