Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Oh Dakota!

*addicted blogging 
"Oh Dakota,
I know our love is new,
I barely know ya,I've fallen over you,
It's the way you do,the things you do,
That makes me fall in love with you
Dakota,are you in love with me too?"

I love this song so much!It has a GREAT lyrics,GOOD melody and NICE voice.Actually,I don't know what to put,thats why I'm just giving this song a compliment.'HAHA' *fake laugh so,just laugh about it!
My idea has been emptied so just read this HILARIOUS post.
I'm just bored!In FB,all my pen friends,OFFLINE! my hand phone low on battery.And,who I was about to CALL?My gossip girl,AINA is SCHOOL-ing.
ERGH.I'm just gonna play some GAMES.Kay,BUYH!

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