Saturday, March 26, 2011

Differences Between High school and Primary School

Firstly,the way I look,I mean,UNIFORM.I wear blue 'baju kurung' for primary school but,for high school,I just wear the white one.UMM, DIFFERENT!and Friends..My attitude.MEMANG LAIN GILA.The way I talk,HMM lain kot.Yeah,lain.AHAH!ketinggian..For sure,lagi tinggi.Kalau sesiapa yang tak ada perubahan tuuu.Ada masalah kot.
But,I will give you ONE no different of this two school.HAPPINESS.Last year and this year are the BEST.I cant compare it.This thing,makes me realize of a friendship.My this one friend asked me,"antara kawan kau sekarang and lama,mana lagi best?".That time,I really don't know what to say and just,"UHH..UMM".It is so HARD to find where the happiness go.It means,I don't know whether the old or new friends.They all good to me.They made me laugh and happy all the time.Spell C-H-O-O-S-E is easy but,CHOOSE it not easy.
UMM,I'm not good at writing and english soo,sorry if my words are just nonsense.Kalau,u guys suruh aku buat cerita pasal USOP boleh laa :D
Eh,dah lari pulak topik dia(tak penat ke berlari?).HMM,ha!taste aku dah lainn..I LOVE vintage rite now.HEHE corak vintage macam corak background HEADER tuu <3 I love vintage just for style of my blog.HMM,kalau style for myself,aku just campurkan je apa yang ada and bukan VINTAGE pilihanku.
I'm also like wearing KEMEJA.hehe eh,tapi,bukan sepanjang masa la aku pakai.Over la tuu.
I guess,this is THE END of my post.By the way,thanks for reading.

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