Friday, April 1, 2011


Awhh..What a *tut day?! tv in my room,BOM KEBABOM!(rosak),tv dekat ruang tamu,abang tengok.Tv dekat bilik mama,Mama  tengok.I can't watch Victorious..Poor little thing.
I don't know how to describe how HORRIBLE my feeling is.*crying
"Here is comess,
cant u see?
that I'm a girl 
and I have feeling,
take my hand..Close your eyes
with you rite here I will shed a tears"
Thank god,episode ulangan je.HMM I hope,I'll Okay with that!
Tv aku rosak..Puncanya=tak tutup lampu time Earth Hour.Kan dah jadi camni!
I guess without Tv I will study harder but,it's wrong!more lazy ada lah.'cause asyik berkepit dengan LAPTOP 24/7(24 hours,7 weeks).Ish3 

*screaming I'm addicted to 'Taju'l Muluk' Story!(I mean,I and Fareza addicted about it).UMM,school always COOL!nothing's new..Felt like I'm 15 right now.'cause I can't imagine how close my friendship with Mira,Fareza and Sabrina.
"Cause when you're FIFTEEN.."
I wish they could be my BB(best buds) forever ever AND,never SAY never..

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