Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Shut Up And Let Me Go

Everytime We plan this reunion,that SHIT probs will come.I dont understand.I know,our taste are not SAME but,when everyone agree and out of the blue,ofc someone not agree with it.HADOIY!
I am sick of this probs.Sorry if I hurt u guys but,I can't just keep this MAD feeling.I'm not saying that u guys HYPOCRITE but,pleasee..think of the children(me and friends) :(
We want watch a movie called 'Beastly' that was Vaness hudgens and A GUY that my sister says Cute(I don't know what's his name).
yeah,this is it.Everyone want watch this movie so BAD.So as me.Like I said,"Think of the children :( ".
and..Wangsa Walk ada BOWLING.No worries lah..Wangsa walk has all in 1.TRUST THIS INNOCENT FACE :D

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