Monday, March 21, 2011

And She Was..

 This is MIRA DHANIA.She asked me to blogging about her.HEHE So,just want to introduce to ya guys :3 She's my totally officially forever FRIENDS!What I know about her is..

She's a girl who LOVES guitar.I don't know whether she plays it good or not cause I haven't listen she play the guitar yet.HMM,She also OWN goodbye lullaby(avril lavigne's new album).GAH!I am so jealous of her cause she has watched that BEASTLY and she also own goodbye lullaby.Oh,DARN it!
Okay,let's talk about her again.We have same TASTE.She likes what I am likes and I like what she likes.HAHA It's shocking me when I know about that.I guess I have found a COOL friend ever.
She helps me a lot with my probs.Maybe sometimes,she scared me(cause she fierce) but,actually,she have a soft heart inside.
For you,MIRA DHANIA.I hope u will always accept me as I am to be your friend.I love this friendship.So,I just want to be your friends FOREVER <3

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