Friday, March 25, 2011

What's Life Must Called?

Today,is such a GREAT day.It's not that great but,seems like I am HAPPY with my friends.I've a new tulisan and it is like thiss
Hambek!tengok puas-puas..BESO punya!!HAHA XD

Actually,I don't know what to say..but umm uhh *thinking
AHUH!For next week,there's sooo MANY homework.GURHH!It makes me frust.Whatever it is,I have to do it.But seems there's little bit complicated thing.English ni haaa.ARGH!nak kena buat macam mana? *dizzy Just now,I saw u,Mira!Standing at the bus stop and acting like DIVA.HAHA (FYI,you're not diva or victorious or something gorgeous)*cruel 
Eh,jangan touching,memain je.AWHH!nanti kena cubit/marah dengan mak(mira) lagiiii!It hurts.

UMM,banyak gila Pembentangan yang kena buat.Every time I do the presentation,I will said,"Please,make me disappear".If I were in 'it girl',my confidence will Less than it's suppose to be.I just wanna be like everybody else.Has confidence and get a HIGH marks.I've tried it.But,still like that!
HMM,last dont-remember day,I've got to do a presentation with FAREZA and..I'm pretty shy.
Ini dua orang.Apatah lagi,seorang diri?HMM,I really have to change.*need more time

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