Saturday, March 5, 2011

Question Please?

X ada kerja,x ada kerja

Why u choose the name of your URL?
Answer:I'm not meant of anything it's just an URL so,just put anything.Theres no EXTRAORDINARY!

Why 'A song that couldn't be done' be my BLOG TITLE?
Answer:I just don't know sampai mana aku akan keep BLOGGING..

What would be my hope for readers?
Answer:Give some reaction and kalau boleh,kumen kumen skali ;)

Why I chose that background to be my blog background?
Answer:Because it GREY(my favorite color) and they are rose.Senang cerita,because aku suka background ni untuk jadi background blog aku..

What would be my next question?complain sikit!sape naikkan nombor complain tu,dia GORGEOUS!<3

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