Thursday, March 10, 2011

Hate The Way I Feel Rite Now

What a BAD day ever!Science paper dah dapat and I've got a LOW number.It's B!
Hampir menangis td.Thank god,it's not real exam yet.HMM,I've got to CHANGE my style.I want to be a SHY girl back!bukan POYO camnii..HMM
Okay,and then,tadi pergi hantar MIRA dekat BUS STOP(kena paksa).Habes kain,tali kasut,kasut aku basah and kotor.HMM,sabar je lah.
So,to u guys=HAPPY HOLIDAY!(pretending HAPPY).ERGGH!mula-mula,dah rasa HAPPY sebab CUTI!tapi,that GOOD MOOD has turned into BAD MOOD.So,anyone who are NICE,please.make me HAPPY.

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