Monday, February 28, 2011


Alhamdulillah...nak tau nape aku gembira sangat nih?
HMM,camni cita dia=aku x beli kertas warna lagi for article(healthy food) tuh so,TAKOT GILO la nih.then,time teacher kutip tuh memang seram lah!last-last,NOTHING LAH!tacher ambik je kertas tuh pastu,stapler kan kat kertas lagi satu tu.HADOIY!tapi,Alhamdulillah..syukur kepada Allah :)

What The Hell?

First and foremost,I want to say SORRY to MAI 'coz masuk campur urusan awak.But,I want to back up you from DIHINA dan DIMAKI.I just can't stand with their ATTITUDE.

Oh my god,when I saw those comment,I felt like want to SLAP them so,they will remember who are they LAST YEAR.Ergh,NUR MAISARAH BINTI ABDUL RAHIM,don't u HURT?If I were u,I will CUT their mouth!They are DAMN JERK!They MEAN to u!Why u let them INSULTING u?
The WORST part is diorang kutuk pasal AINA sound diorang.Geram aku tengok diorang.Yang lain-lain pon,pegi ikot dia.Okay,FINE.KALAU DIORANG NAK MENANG SANGAT,HAMBEK!

Sunday, February 27, 2011


Be your photographer when you're rich one day?HAHA,what I can say is INSYAALLAH.HMM,What am I imagine is I'll be your photographer when u're MARRYING someone.HAHA,Serious!
Whoah.I am imagine who you marrying to?HAHA 1,2,3...1,2,3.HAHA,jangan marah :D

On The Next Birthday,I Want...

HAHAHA,talk about something nonsense 'coz I don't have an IDEA so,just talk about what I LIKE for my birthday present.Actually,I didn't ask u to and I also appreciated what u have gave me this year.But,I'm just tell ya what I like..Okay?READY?1,2,3...

  • I want a English novel likes diary of wimpy kid or else
  • I want a purse 'coz I am bored with my purse right now
  • I want a CD movies or songs that I interested(must be english.HAHA)
  • I want a black sneakers(whoah)
  • Take me to MCD so,we can bought MCFLURRYY!!!
  • I want a CUTE necklace
  • I want a GORGEOUS watch(brown eh?haha)
  • I want a COOL bag
  • I want a HOT jacket
  • I want a POLKA DOTS umbrella
  • I want a BIG pencil box so,I can put my BIG GLUE
  • I want a NEW CAMERA..HEHE
That's all!If you have more cool stuff,just gimme.HAHA
GTF?(fareza and mira je yang tau..HAHA)

Her Favourite Necklace

(Captured by:Amira.Object:Her Favourite Necklace(bought at Forever 21)

This is MY favourite necklace.maybe,in your eyes,it doesn't look so pretty but,I think it's just pretty.I LOVVE it <3
Okay,now.I just want to tell ya that,I'm not loving that person anymore.I don't have a cup of tea,sumber inspirasi and apa sahaja yang dipanggil.HMM,from now on,this second,I want to change my LIFE.I don't want to have any boy in my heart anymore unless memang JODOH.HAHA,and except ALLAH,RASULULLAH,Family and friends.For what we love a person from now?bukannya terus dapat kahwin.HAHA,okay,I know.teenagers ni..mesti ada gak sesapa dalam hati tapi,bukannya kita x boleh elak kan?HMM,okay,that's it!and I want to ANNOUNCE that I AM officially SINGLE and it's what I want for my LIFE.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

(Captured by AMIRA.Model:penguin adik!Objek:keychain)
Oh maiyy,Pingu left his SHOE.Like CINDERELLA :D

Act,that's not what I wanted to tell.UMM,maybe this song is not suit to this POST.but,UMM,SORY :(
What I'm gonna tell ya is I headed to my cousin's house last night 'coz they throwed a birthday party.So,before that we're went to TROPICANA CITY first.Then,we chose a PERFECT present for him that is A control car(toy).We knew he likes car so,we bought him a toy sport car.I'm sure he will like it.Sorry to u guys 'coz there's no pict.That's why la I put this pingu picture.HAHA
Okay,the WORST part is when it's time to blow the candles.As always,all the children will stand in front of the cake.And when my cousin want to blow it,they blowed it first!I thought so and poor him.If I were in his shoes,I will cry and tell my mom to fire the candles one more time so,I could blow it ALONE.But,he just patient with those kids.Patient ye,HAIKAL.
The food,whoah!yummy!his mom cooked chicken chop by herself.My mom took 2 chicken,yeah!it totally awesome!
Before I forgot,at Tropicana city,my mom bought grapes and it cost RM22.In the car,my mom taste it and my mom said,"tercatat rekod,mama beli anggur harga RM22".HAHA,I just listen to it and have a little bit laugh.HMM,I guess,this is the end.This is the longest post I've made.HAHA,hope u guys enjoy reading it!:D

Most Reason That Makes You HURT

"Do you ever feel like breaking down?
do you ever feel like out of place?
Like somehow you just don't belong
and no one understands you
Do you ever wanna runaway?
Do you lock yourself in your room?
With radio turned out so loud
So no one hears you screaming".
Okay,I know,Everyone has their own reason why they HURT.But,I'm just gonna list what the MOST.
  • Because your friend DON'T CARE about you and go find somebody else
  • Family problems like parents always not being faired
  • Because your boyfriend leaves you 
  • Had a fight with your 'Sumber Inpirasi'
  • Friends being JERK to you
  • Found that your friend don't likes you
  • Orang mentertawakan kelemahan u all
Actually,much more but,I just don't have much sorry if your probs is not here.i'm just trying to get u BETTER.HMM,okay,if you had one of the them.Just be patient and trying to get away from her/him.maybe u guys can't stand it.Okay,just have a talk to them and for sure they will INSAF.TRUST ME :D

Friday, February 25, 2011

Friends Forever EVER or NEVER?

Okay,we've got a LOT proof about FRIENDS FOREVER.But,What I've through is NOT like that.Old BEST friend that kept saying Forever Friend,is not our BFF rite now.I thought they will stay 'anggap' I their BEST FRIEND that is FOREVER.But,The actually,They not do what I thought.Yeah,I know,they will have a new friend but,kinda hurt.HMM,don't worry I am not keeping some revenge for u.
But,the best part is I can keep stay in touch with them at FACEBOOK.Thanks to yah,facebook.Just remembering your kindness :D

The Reason

Reason WHY I chose 'A song that couldn't be DONE' to be my blog title?
It's just about my LIFE and what am I post,is not DONE yet.So,that's the reason.And u knoww,AKU KAN JIWANG!HAHA.Just take what am I thinking that TIME.
FYI,I'm not copy what people do and said.And I also,just being ME.So,don't take some JOKES or SILLY MISTAKE.


What Would Be YOUR Goals?

Everyone has their own goals.So as me and I'm gonna list it HERE.Before that,I want to describe about this goals stuff.Okay,GOALS is NOT meant goal that football stuff.But,it is about what you're hoping and dreaming.Something like that lah.I know,u guys knew what's this mean.I am not trying to say that you're DUMB but,I'm just explain about it.So,conclusion,don't misunderstand.Okay?

  • Make my PARENT proud of me
  • Berjaya dalam dunia dan akhirat
  • Not do such a SILLY things
  • Not fucking people
  • Do the nice things
  • Not GOSSIP anymore
  • Make people say that I am not USELESS
  • Make my life WORTH
  • Have a great RESULT in PMR and SPM or any exam :D

What Failure Feels Like?

Hell to the 'O'(Fareza's words)!at school,I have to present about a product I've created.then,I just kept promoted about the product,out of the blue,I've started to forget.DARN,I'm the worst.I thought it so.I'm not LOVING to be a FAILURE but,I am not confident to present something.Yeah,like what the motivater said,"many people smart in writing from speaking ENGLISH".I am so AGREE with it.What am I gonna do with this attitude?ERGH!I am so frust and just want to do it again with a little bit confident.HMM,whatever I do,it's not going to upper the result.From now,I want to change.I don't want to be the LOSER and the FAILURE.Hey,I'm in KRK.I can't just PROUD about it.But,also have to do the work SERIOUSLY!


Thursday, February 24, 2011

Ceghamah Bahasa Utara ui!

Ha!mai,denga' cita lebat nih!baguih,baguih ni.Ok,hangpa besa x denga' bahasa utara?confirm,penah kan?
Tadi,kat dewan.aku dok denga' ceghamah ni.Depa dok cakap bahasa utagha ui!sampai skaghang ni,Aku dok teghikut.Ha,hangpa paham2 la ye.saya bukan apa,teghingin la oghang kata.
Terseghempak pulak dengan photorapher.Kawan aku dok kata,"tu cita-cita kau".Aku wat dek je la.Malaih nak mengikut campo'.Lepas denga' ja ceghamah tu,saya pun insaf.saya dah seda' saya banyak buat salah.Jadi,conclusion,saya mau mintak maaf banyak2,saya bukan apa.bukan nak berlagak baik tapi,hangpa tau la,aku kan banyak buat jhat.HMM,okay la.babai,time to go to SLEEP!hehe


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Seriously,I,Fareza and Mira always had some jokes to laugh every time we're at LAB.The teacher was SO ANGRY to us.WUAHA!just now,we're laughed and teacher datang check.KITORANG KANTOI!hahaha.Malu gile WOT!tapi,aku stay COOL je.KITE BAKO JE!MUAHAHAHA.Okay,kitorg ni asyik gelak je.memang balek rumah tu terus tekak sakit.HUISH!sampai skrg sakit DOL!HMM,I am still worried about the presentation.U know me.I'm not a kind of girl who was so BRAVE!Aku,biasa la.cakap je lebih.GONNA KILL IT la.Pe la.tapi,bila dah betul-betul,ntah papa je.HADOIY!penyakit ni la yang aku malas.Okay,apa yang aku perlu buat ialah STAY CONFIDENT.jangan jadi penakut,pengecut,pemalu,pendiam dan sebagainya yang negatif for presentation tu.Okay,now,still worried o.O


What About You?

Okay,seriously I nak tanya u guys.U guys HOT or SAKIT HATI x bila kita start chat dengan someone.Then,dah chat tu,tanya la something pastu,someone tu x jawab and terus OFF.PANAS X?
Kenapa eh?kalau urgent sangat pon,cakap la something like BAI,BUYH,SALAM,NAK OFF LA,GTG,MAK MEMBEBEL DAH OI!or anything else.Pelbagai ayat boleh digunakan.HMM,it's okay la.dah malas chat ngan kita,camtu la jadinya.HADOIY,pelik sngat ke aku ni?kenapa u guys semacam je dengan aku?Sekarang ni,aku makin rapat dengan KAWAN BARU JE.u guys cam x nak layan.I know la who AM I.But,bila orang dah tegur tu,bersopan la sikit.HMM,x pe la kawan.SEE YA NEXT TIME.HOPE SANGAT U GUYS CHANGE.and one more thing,THIS IS SERIOUS!XP


Want To Change My Name at FB!

HAMBEK!Ni ha profile aku.HAHA.HMM,nak tukar NAMA!!
 HAH!Ni pulak.X sentuh pon!Penat je aku SHARE kat korang.ERGH!X(

MIRA DHANIA x REPLY anything pon.Buat penat je.Miranda cosgrove pon wat DEK je.HAHA
(bengong!rockstar memang la x layan)U guys,u guys semua pegi mana?x ade respond pon.Ni dah bikin MATA aku PANASS saja.


Say What?

Okay,Okay,Okay.I knew it
Last week,Thursday and Friday I am NOT went to school becoz I had a headache like I said to u guys.And when I came back to school,my BI's teacher told us to NOT FORGET about the PRESENTATION.The presentation was about 'OURSELVES product'.Me and Fareza are the GANG called,GTF and my company also name like that.We are just got an IDEA about a DRINK.The drink is Soya BEAN.We chose Soya because we knew that the SOYA has many goodness.We are finding something good so,we can present/promote it BETTER.Then,about the product,we're just finished discuss 'bout it and we have buy the thing to paste on it.HMM,I hope this is gonna be the COOL presentation EVER!'coz I'm gonna KILL it XP


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I hate wearing 'baju sukan'.Yeah,since last year I hate it.Becoz it so fit and it is NOT comfortable.I guess just that I;m gonna say.HAHA,kinda short.


Monday, February 21, 2011

Running Round Leaving SCARS

Nur Hidayah,my friend.I mean,My NEW friend at SMKDE.She left me without news.Or should I say,she left US!How could u?I want u to stay forever at 1 KRK.We can play the games and u also can make me laughing whole day.U're just a GOOD friend.Also SMART.Maybe I don't know u YET.But,the way u treat me are so NICE.I am so SAD.But,I don't want to cry 'coz my eyes will be RED like KAT HAIR(victorious).
Hidayah,there's no USELESS word in u.Everyone LOVES u.EDWARD(engku) wait for u.Just now,I went to school and he didn't even CURANG like Jacob(disshannth).Taylor swift(amir),always talk about u.
I know,u want it so BAD.But,I am so upset 'coz all this time,I did make u SUFFER with all the jokes.I AM SORRY.

Hope u listen my WORDS.Thanks for feel sympathy

Friends Or BFF

What I'm gonna tell?Just keep on reading 8)
Okay,Friends?Confession=I'm not GOOD at choosing friend,not even!But,YAY me,all my friends,just GOOD!I am so Thankful but,now.I have to choose,the OLD one or the NEW one.Actually,I love BOTH.And both are COOL.But,I have to choose it anyway 'coz I'm afraid at one time,I have to choose it in RUSH.And when I choose wrong,I will REGRET and be the GUILTY person.Yeah,it's hard to choose but anyway,I don't have an answer YET.It's a GREAT news to u guys.So,people!don't worry be happy :D
BOYFRIEND?Gah!what the heck are u asking about??!No comment -__-
actually I have this SUMBER INSPIRASI.But,I don't really want to have a BF so,just WEK to it.HAHA

TYSM for reading.Hope u guys enjoy!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Dreamed Sneakers

I knew,Sneakers are always be in TEENAGER's mind.We're LOVE it 'coz it WAY TOO COOL and suits to our STYLE.Okay,Look above.See the sneakers?it is act like I was dreamed but,It's not suit to my style and I'm not wearing shorts so,just FORGET about it.
The sneakers stole my heart!I LOVE IT!it's in my favourite colour,that is GREY!WOW.Just want this COOL STUFF.Please :3
Okay,I have to told u guys.This is TRUE CONFESSION of me.Act,I hate wear sneakers.HAHA  becoz If I wear sneakers,soon,it will be like this
That's why la.Act,i love this stuff but,u guys sendiri tengok la.I'm not loving wears sneakers :D


Went To My Old School

(My Brother punya kerja)
X( Sakit mata tengok BANGUNAN BARU tu!
Okay,back to the TOPIC.This morning,I have to go to my OLD school becoz the PIBG wants to give a present for straight A's student.So,just go.Firstly,MALAS betul tapi,BERIA pulak sebab abang n kakak pegi.And OFC la kakak yang DRIVE.Kalau abang bawak,x jamin aku selamat duduk belakang.HAHA
Takot dia buat wheelie!(kereta pon BOLEHH :D)
Okay,time nih.NERVOUS wot!yeah,lama x terima hadiah.Sekola krg pon,camna nak dapat hadiah?POYO je lebih :D

PRECIOUS MOMENT!:)U guys are the GREATEST moment ever!


Saturday, February 19, 2011


Yeah,I'm asking.Why I LOVE to Change?(change BLOG)
Okay,Actually HUMAN(people) has never been satisfied so,I am HUMAN!HAHA.Yeah,SEE my blog now!It change a LOT.And,maybe some of u guys cannot accept(unacceptable)what I did 'coz we don't have the same TASTE.Why EXTRAORDINARY?Maybe becoz..I'm kinda 'WEIRDO'.Yeah,what I did was all WEIRD.It's not just about the COLOUR but it is also about SONG that I put and what my BLOG looks alike.I have this strange IDEA becoz of I WANT TO BE EXTRAORDINARY!:3



HMM,it's MIDnite.I can't deny that I am not sleepy but,I HAVE to Blogging BECOZ...
I've not updating this blog for not-very-so-long time.Okay,actually I don't even have ANY idea to post about.HMM,I guess this story is KINDA good it called,'What is my officially work?'

Okay,I met a guy and he just do whatever 'till makes me angry.And then,he said GUDBUYH.Actually,he doesn't want to LOG OFF yet.Coz,he just don't have a JOB!
He also has a JOB called,'Trick those people'.I didn't actually understand what the job called but,it sounds like that.He just making some NOISES and always said,"HAHAHA(evil,devil)".For his information,I am sick of hearing that.But,he has knew it before.



Thursday, February 17, 2011

What More Can I Say?

Heish!Time x kena.Almost je dapat tengok MOVIE ni yang aku hanya dapat tengok iklan dia.'till now,hanya bermimpi je tengok Cerita ni.HADOIY!banyak lah movie yg aku terlepas tadi.

Cerita ni.JOJO berlakon.bukan Jojo Circus,but,JOJO..u know..
this movie dah banyak kali dpt tengok.But,selalu x tengok dari awal.
yang aku tau,dia sebenarnye actress but,dia addict ngan ALCOHOL.So,dia dudok ngan auntie dia.

EE.x lawanya JOJO berambut putih.HAHAHA

A! or M!raira

Sick Of My ILL

I had a headache.But,I guess no one ever cares 'bout me.Before this,If I had a headache,My momma will put that cool handkerchief on my head but,now *sigh 
WHY?I need that again.Am I a BIG GIRL?
A Reason I'm not BIG GIRL yet.
1.UMM,I guess NONE!grrr

A! or M!raira

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Act,I am HURT!but,I guess,I just patient 'till ORANG tu bikin aku betul2 marah baru aku SOUND dia.
HMM,let's just FORGET 'bout it.That's NONE-OF-Your Business rite?
Okay,tadi.Balik lambat sebab MAMA ada meeting so,just dudok n buat keje toyah.HAHA
And out of blue,buku MATH aku hilang!!!Nooooooooooo!camna nak buat ni?HADOIY!dah la bapak BANYAK!Lantak pi la.Jawab je HILANG.Confirm,cikgu x MERIT.HAHA

A! or M!raira
Yesterday or MAYBE that Monday,I've watched a COOL episode of Icarly.It's title is=Icarly,Igot a new hot room!whoaahh!CUN gile wot dia punya BEDROOM!Wish my bedroom more cooler than HER!:D
And then,pergi bukak internet and dah bukak laptop nih!Out OF Blue,Internet ROSAK!HAIYO!Dah excited gile TIME TUH!sedih gile!
nak menangis pon buang masa je.LUCKY me,I ada kawan like FITHRAH!Dia la yang selalu bagi semangat kat aku suruh BERSABAR.'till now,aku cuba and then,BOLEH!WOW!thanks DUDE!:DD
Blog Fithrah!Check it OUT

A! or M!raira
Just want to tell u guys that I am so GRATEFUL today 'coz I can't believe I am typing a new POST rite now.Before this,internet in my house is SUCK and its not WORK OUT!
I feel so BAD and I just want to surf internet DAMN much.And my dream really do comes TRUE!
ALHAMDULILLAH!I felt so HAPPY!so,now.I can search VALERIE BLOOM biodata.WOHOO!
I LOVE THIS DAY SO DAMN MUCH!and,u guys just wait and see.I will not off this internet 'till my mom
ask me to :3

A! or M!raira

Sunday, February 13, 2011

"I don't wanna be ONE OF THE BOYS,ONE OF YOUR GUYS!But,I just wanna be ONE OF YOUR GIRLS and your HOMECOMING QUEEN!"
Yang atas nih,X ada kena mengena okay?
 HMM,act x ada IDEA nak tulis PASAL APA.Kinda BORING!:(
Okay,What do u think?HMM,excited KOT nak pergi sekolah sebab nak jumpa Mira Dhania,Fareza,Dayah.Geng gengku!I MISS U guys!
Okay,to sesapa yang sekolah Darul Ehsan,Check check lah Kelas aku,1 KRK.Aku dudok second tepi pintu.Yang ada nama kat MEJA tu(kertas warna hitam).Kalau kertas kertas warna hitam tu.Geng-geng aku la.HMM,cun x kitorg buat?!HAHA


So Far So GREAT!

Mira Dhania,SEP! *dushh
Know why I 'sep' her?Becoz..Our works sikit JE.MATH with BI(for esok)
WOHOOO!!!Happy gile.and slalu buat HW pada waktu malam sahaja.Sebab SECUBIT je!HAHA
Teacher SUPIAH(cikgu MATH) pon bagi seciput je!bila kitorg BUSY,bg belambak!bile free,SECUBIT(like I said)HMM,kekadang BORING gak.But I have my DIARY OF WIMPY KID!haha



photography Pictures, Images and Photos
Starting to make it COLOURFUL!Oh Yeahhhh!HAHA :DD
Okeh,I'm already DONE make it colourful.HELL YEAH,it's kinda boring when it's just BLACK AND WHITE.Who wanna to READ?!Okay,FROM NOW on,MY LIFE HAPPY and MY BLOG HAPPIER!HAHAK :)


Saturday, February 12, 2011

Okay,for sure u guys dah pilih kelab/persatuan,permainan and unit peruniform masing masing rite?
HMM,wanna know what I've chose?
Unit peruniform:Kadet Remaja Sekolah(KRS)
U guys caya x?Semua NERD except KRS.ERGGH!yeah,I just follow my friends.Nanti segen pulak kalau x ikot kawan.HMM,don't worry 'coz I'm gonna change it all!
How's yours?Cool or Nerd?SAME?whatever lah !most importantly,I had chose them all!NO WORRIES anymore.HEHE :D


Dream Car?

Dream car?Hmm,That C word is NOT important for me.Becoz I'm not BIG GIRL yet.Soon,I will choose it.Firstly,I dreamed a MINI COOPER.But,since many people LOVE it.HMM,forget 'bout it!I know,a hundred billion people will use that car soon.So,I just forget 'bout this DREAM CAR.Nothing to WORRIED about :)
Don't be MAD!If you wish to know what type of car I LOVE,better u just forget the quest becoz I'm just a girl who read DIARY OF WIMPY KID.HAHA


It Feels Like I Am an IDIOT!

Yeah,I am feel like an IDIOT!'coz sumone LOVE to lie to me.WHY?!!
Why me?=becoz I LOVE to kenakan DIA muahahahhahaa XD
DIA said,everytime DIA sleep,DIA will count of SHEEP first.But now,DIA have to think how to kenakan aku.HAHA :D
I love the way u LIE!HOHO



Betul-betul tengah confuse ni.Banyak sangat persoalan kat kepala aku nih.
Ada seorang budak ni.Aku chat ngan dia.Out of blue,abg dia pulak yang chat ngan aku.Actually,dia JUST berlakon atau pon x?!
Sebab dia ni,suka berlakon.HEISHH!


Friday, February 11, 2011

Read this!
Momo:Aku kat NEW YORK!:D
Lilo:best la ko!
dude,berak jap
eh,patut la bau busuk semacam
fuh!!pikir lori sampah datang tadi!
Gosh!aku cirit bla la korang!dalam tandas pon nak ikot!
Huwoi!x selera aku nak makan
I x leh FOCUS baca Sukar Membawa Tuah ni
Jongang tol la!
Kelopak jantung aku hilang!
Lilo,kelopak jantung ko hilang?hahaha,x leh bla la ko nihh
Memang lega!phewh!
No la Domo!novel la!
Owhh,pikir kelopak jantung,kita sume ade kelopak jantung ke x?
Proitt!jap,nak berak.jangan ikot!x leh focus la
Queen of cirit birit dh masuk balek!
Rosak dialog kita!sorang gi brak,sorang merepek!heishh!
Sat na!
Tinggal je la kitorg and gi dating ngan taik ko!jangan lupe kirim salam skali!
Uih!pondan tol!
vote ko,DOMO!
x la,aku ckp ko yg pondan la MOMO
yo la..aku ngaku aku pondan!
z x men la dlm dialog ni!
are u serious?!
btoi la!
chau dulu ah!
dol,aku x caya langsung!aku kwn ngan pondan?OUCHH!
eh,merapu je la!
F*** u guys!
Gosh!aku pikir btol!
i nak tido la!jangan kacau!
Ko udah terkena!k,la bai!
LOL,padan muke DOMO
merepek je tau!heishh!ok buyh!!

The end!
If u don't know why I put this dialog,hmm,let me explain.
Cuba korang tengok hujung kiri dia.Aku ikot turutan.HMM,lawak x?


Thursday, February 10, 2011

Damn SAD :'(

Never had this feeling.I mean,this year lah.HMM,what to do?!I tried to fix the thing as fast as I can but,Why it doesn't work?Okay,there's one else.But,sorry I can't tell ya or should I say can't share it here.Sorry okay?:)
HMM,hope u guys understand.Why I have to have this sad feelings?Lucky me,I through a good day at school but,in the FACEBOOK is such a DAMN SAD ever!Yeah,people said,"If we are happy,soon we'll be sad".Yeah,that's what happening to me.When rain appeared,feel so SAD 'coz remembering all SAD moment.


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Who'd Have Know (Changed by ME!-A-)

It's 10 o'clock in the nite,conversation got boring,you said you're going to online soon,so,I just log in to Facebook,and I thought I just wait there,Until you appear on my friends online list and I pretended ignoring u and I was hoping that u will have a chat with me tonite
Are u mine?are u mine?
Coz I stay here all the time
Watching telly,drinking tea
who's have known,ho'd have known
when u make my dream worth
I no longer feel alone,no longer feel alone
Let's just stay,lets just stay
I wanna chat with u all day
we'll be laughing all the way

(yang lain-lain,dah x ada IDEA.HOHO so,just tngok ni je la)