Tuesday, March 15, 2011

It's Wednesday Morning!

Today,I woke early 'coz kena teman ayah pergi PASAR.And then,I saw TASYA was sending me a message and she said,"Mira!dah bangun?".Hell yeah I said yes!OHH!I can't wait to see that MOVIE.but,I'm scared of if all my friends don't agree to watch that movie.HMM,aku rela tengok ALONE its like,I'll catch a grenade for ya.HAHA.Whatever it is,I have to take a risk to watch that movie.As I said,"Our taste is not SAME".

OKKAY,I just want to tell ya a story but,it is not a BED TIME STORY okay?'coz it pretty NOTHING to ya guys but,just telling ya!Okay,here it is=
At school,fareza(my friend)always bring HER pepsi bottle and it has a picture of A GUY on it.

Mira(my friend)hate the GUY so MUCH!then,I take that bottle and make the guy sing to mira("I love u 1 and 2 and 3 shoobidoo..") then,fareza notice it and she said her cousin has sang that to her.HAHA,it's not mean that her COUSIN loves her but,her cousin just sing to make herself Happy(actually,I dont know why fareza's cousin sing that song).Okay,then I wondering 'till NOW How fareza's cousin could know NEVER SHOUT NEVER.Yeah,in Malaysia,Never shout never is quite not so popular.So,thats why I was feeling weird.

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