Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Whoah?I'm asking why and u'll ask me too,WHOAH?haha *dizzy
Okay,why I said WHOAH?becoz one of MIRA DHANIA's sister's friend,got name,HAYLEY WILLIAMS at school(SMK Darul Ehsan)
HAYLEY WILLIAMS mana satu ek?haha,THIS IS HER!
Aww.U've got a nice pink hair.but,PINK is not really her hair.Okay,I'll show ya the REAL one.SEE this!
This is REAL her.okay,back to our actual story.HMM,her name is FARA.Then,they called her Hayley 'coz she had a great voice like hayley.and one more,they also called her FARAMORE.HAHA,best lah nama tuhh!*jealous HAHA
Mira and Fareza said,she is POPULAR with her voice.If she talk to u,that's means she RESPECT u something like that lah.haha,yeah,mira said,she ignore strangers(budak-budak yang dia x kenal).
BESTNYA...Everyone respected her!

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