Monday, March 21, 2011

Not Expecting What I've Through Today

Yeah,theres so much things I am NOT expecting it will comes to me.
First,I've got C in Kemahiran Hidup Paper.Second,I've got a second suntikan for HPV and it more HURTS! and THIRD,Fareza got a highest marks in Pendidikan Islam.Oh,come on!when does she study?she keeps chatting with me.GURHH!Mira,Sab and me are praying for her to be the WORST.Mwahaha..
But,I keep saying "Be strong" to her.Yeah,she kinda hurt just now.Hey!it's not my fault.I'm just joking :P
Whatever it is,lepas ni..Confirm,kitorang akan buat STUDY GROUP.YAY!HAHA
But,masa mengizinkan ke?HMM,since masuk high school ni,I have not much time.Yeah,banyak kerja sekolah and sometimes,ada PREP la..Perjumpaan Kelab Sains la..Perjumpaan Catur la..HEISH!tension aku.HMM,macam mana nak active?bendanya banyak nak buat.HMM,I can't make a lot of work in just one time.I'm just ordinary human.

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