Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Bubai BLUR,Welcome Back IDEAS

Oh yeah!My ideas has came back.HAA,I am so excited with the reunion.HOHO,for this time being,no probs come..I just want to JUMP!but..just 1 problem that is..x tau siapa nak ambik dekat Wangsa Walk nanti.HMM *thinking
Okay,about that,just leave it all to me and could u just forget about that.
Back to the real story,WAHH!I am so HAPPY.Things are getting better yo.UMM,okayy..
Things to buy at Wangsa Walk:
  • Novel
  • Magazine
  • Ticket of a movie called,'Beastly'
  • Popcorn and BIG Pepsi
  • Mcflurry(tengok mood and keadaan)
I hope this all will really do come true 'coz if just hoping and yet,it's not comes true,it will be HURT.HMM

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