Sunday, March 18, 2012

Say Hello and Smile :)

Hey guys.
7 days cuti ni I've spent it with messing up my room and listening music.
Nak jadi apa lah aku ni.haha
So,cuti korang macam mana? aku duduk rumah je.siapa yang pergi melancong tu,untung lahh.
Like siapa tak boring duduk rumah.Ingat nak pergi rumah kawankawan tapi pejamcelikpejamcelik,dah hari Ahad dah.Hadoiyy tak sempat.
BTW,to Aina Kamalia sorry sangat sebab lambat edit header.Harap maaf diterima :)
Okay,background and lagu dah tukar! what you guys think? Okay tak? (vote 'Okay' for okay lahh and korang rasa backround ni sesuai for blog 'Awesome' kalau korang rasa background ni paling cantik aku pernah guna and nampak awesome gilaa.and vote 'Haha' kalau korang tak suka or benci) hope ada yang nak vote.Kalau boleh,please lah jangan vote 'Haha'.Aku malas nak tukar dah.


Friday, March 9, 2012

Sometimes,It's Not Like What We're Hoping

Hello :)
Today,I'm quite sad 'cause my exam result is bad.
What makes me feel so disappointed is I've did the best that I can but,nothing's change.
Sometimes,I feel like I want to give up.
But,thanks to my friend who always support me when I'm 'down'.
Maybe I have to keep holding on 'cause life must go on no matter what.
and maybe I should study harder.
All this time,I just want to make my parents proud of me and proof that I'm not a loser.I could do better,maybe.
I look around and see everybody's smiling.
At the first,Mira kata,kalau dia dapat C/B Geography,dia akan balik sambil nyanyi lagu 'All By Myself '.
but then,she's got A and I'm the one who balik while singing 'All By Myself '.
Maybe I shouldn't believe in 'Happily Ever After'.
and maybe I should believe that 'Happily Ever After ' is just in Fairy Tales
'cause suddenly I will wake up and realize that I'm in reality world.

Can I make it better with the lights turned on?


Thursday, March 8, 2012

Let's Just Do The Best

Hello everybody!
How's it going on internet? It's about 3 days I'm offline.
Yes,I'm study for the examination and tomorrow's gonna be the last day.
PHEWH! reading books are just so EXHAUSTING,seriously.
On the first day of exam,I guess.I had stomach ache and it's really makes me so-not-focus-on-exam.
But lucky me,on the next day I felt better.
and now,with a BIG SMILE and a BIG HEART I'm doing nota sains because esok cikgu nak.What to do or say,homework is still gonna be homework(What am I saying?!).I have to do it anyway.
Kalau tak buat,no marks for me.WHAT A CRUEL WORLD!
Like Birdy(singer) said,"You can tell the world you're tired.But the excuses,they won't work".
(Sorry gambar besar.Tapi,I really like this picture.Hope you love it too)

I really hope result kali ni taklah teruk sangat macam tahun lepas.
Doakan yang terbaik for me,okay? thanks :)


Thursday, March 1, 2012

Some Kind Of Old Story,Maybe

Okay now Mira,Fareza and I are back together.Yeah,I'm so happy and lucky to have a a good friend like Mira and Fareza.Now I know what 'Friendship Never Ends' mean.
Sorry tak post awalawal.Busy sikit lah.
Talking 'bout busy,This week seriously serabut kitorang dengan Nasyid lagi nak study for exam lagi.HAIHH
Tapi Alhamdulillah Nasyid dah buat dah.
Time nasyid tu aku rasa kitorang je yang beria pakai banyak gila prop.kertas lahh lilin lahh macam macam.
Then,time persembahan kitorang dah dekat,nak ready light up candles OUT OF THE BLUE,mancis hilang.HAIHH
panik gilaa kitorang.sampai kitorang merayu rayu dekat group akakakak yang last tu buat dulu.
And lepas acik kantin tu halau kitorang and taknak bagi mancis or lighter,kitorang decided to tak payah buat candle.Then tibatiba ada abang tu bagi apa benda entah nama dia but,dia boleh mengeluarkan api.haha
and kitorang cepatcepat ready.
Aku berpeluh gila time nasyid tu 'cause cikgu pandang pelik je dekat kitorang.I was like,WHAT'S WRONG?!
Time nak habis dah kitorang kena pegang alphabet I.B.E.L.I.E.V.E and ada yang terbalik lah.kelam kabut gila.Tapi serious lawak kalau ingat balik.
Time Shahira punya lilin asyik terpadam je.HAHAHA sumpah lawak part tu.Dia pergi duduk dekat kipas memang lahh.HAHAHAHA
and time alphabet terbalik tu,audience gelakgelak jugak lah tapi,ada akakakak yang cakap kitorang macam comel dekat pentas :3 aww yang gelakgelak tu hope you guys puas gelak :)
Time balik,I realized ada moral values di sebalik semua ni.
Kitorang jadi rapat and lebih rapat daripada dulu :)