Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Firstly,Had a fight with Mira(my best bud for this year) and pergi dekat mama pukul 1.05 p.m HOW GREAT IS THAT!and I have to take the risk.Almost every student's looking at me.Yeah,I am SMK Darul Ehsan and enter the SMK Selayang Baru.NONSENSE!
Yang making me nak tergelak,ada seorang abang tu cakap,"Eh,budak darul ehsannn".I'm like,"Yeah,Then?".Just kidding!takkan lah nak balas balik.But,the melody of his voice was so FUNNY.
HMM,then,in the teacher's room.Ada seorang abang ni,dia cakap,"kecik nye cikgu!".SABO je la.HMM,tommorow at 2.30 p.m 'till 3.30 p.m,I will join the Chess club in SMK Selayang Baru.HAHA,confirm Mira hot 'cause dekat SMK Darul Ehsan,Aku tak pernah datang.But,SMK Selayang Baru(Not my school),Rajin pulak!HAHA

TO Mira:I'm freaking sorry 'cause make you HURT.I didn't mean it but,I'm too EMO just now so,just running  to SMK Selayang Baru.I'm so so SORRY!Please,forgive this Child.HEHE Umm,and uhh I want to apologize to about the LAST post.okay?
HMM,kinda bored with this FB but,still loving it.WHAT SHOULD I DO?

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