Tuesday, April 19, 2011

My Day Is Just OKAY

Today,for the first time I brought GEO book(prep) with me to school.Selalunya,terlupa je :D
HMM,I don't know what I SHOULD do now.Yeah,since my sister was HOMED.I've got to online in the LIVING room.It's kinda bored.If I were in my room,okay sikit kot rasa bosan ni.
boleh calling-calling,messaging,laughing sorang-sorang(crazy),blogging dengan lebih mendalam(ceh!ayat tak boleh bla).
Rite now,I'm just feel a little bit sad 'cause kesian tengok kakak have to be apart from her friends.I understand what she's felt.I wish I could tell her that everything's just gonna be FINE :)
Seriously,I can't stand laughing at those two morons(johan and zizan).It's just sooo FUNNY..
Okkay,nak pergi tengok cerita KEJORA DAN BINTANG.Thanks for reading!buyh!

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