Monday, April 4, 2011

It's Driving Me Crazy

Okay,I want talk about that ANUGERAH BINTANG POPULAR BERITA HARIAN.I know,people 'round me has talkin' 'bout it but,I just want to tell ya what happened LAST NITE..
The speech of who the winner of BINTANG PALING POPULAR BERITA HARIAN are the time that everyone was waiting about.Then,they giving me some suprise.USOP(my hero) came last night and he the one who read the card that written the name of the winner.IT'S FREAKING ME OUT!
I can't imagine how happy am I last nite and my father said,"tercapai jugak cita-cita IRA nak tengok USOP".HAhhh.It's making me soo HAPPY.
This moring,I and my friend,FAREZA tjust talked about USOP(last nite) until the school ends.I thought they are not watching that Channel but,I'm wrong!HMM

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