Friday, April 15, 2011

Write You A Song

To Readers,MIX Shouters,Followers and whatever it called,THANK YOU SO MUCH 'cause SETIA baca This BLOG(A song that Couldn't Be Done).
Sorry sebab kebanyakan POST yang aku buat,tak BEST and tak 'Smokin' HOT'.Yeah,I'm NOT good at Posting.Anyway,Thanks AGAIN :3
Keep reading this blog and give some comment if you want or you can VOTE 'what the *tut' or 'smokin' hot'.
If you want to say anything,you should SHOUT in the shoutmix.Okay?

All the post is NOT copied from other blog.I've wrote all the post is just for ya!And you,you,you and you,you.Hope you guys appreciate it.I will NOT stop writing a post 'till I make a decision to delete this BLOG.

With LOVE,
Amira <3

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