Saturday, April 2, 2011

U guys pernah rasa tak=u have an idea to write in blog but,u don't have any word to say ??
And it SUCKS(I should write *tut).
It also makes me getting bored.SOMETIMES,I really have that words but,it makes me really guilty to share with ya guys 'cause I don't want people think I'm JERK or anything BAD.
Do you EVER feel like that? I hope so
HMM,I want to share this one story.I don't know why I have sooo MANY kembar?HAHAH Sekejap,orang tu cakap muka aku sama dengan BUDAK KELAS SEBELAH.Sekejap,orang ni cakap muka aku macam KAWAN DIA.Sekejap,orang tu cakap muka aku cam KRISTEN STEWART.
I'm sick of it!Why?Why me?
and I guess..Orang pun dah DIZZY 'cause tak tau yang mana satu aku.I'm not 1 in 3!.
SEE?I don't have KRISTEN STEWART face on my face(About my picture,sorry,theres no new picture and I have to put the same picture)
Bila balik kampung je,confirm ada cousins semua dekat sana.And diorang mesti cakap,"ehh,BELLA(kristen steward as Bella Swan in Twilight)..Mana edward?".Aku segan dengan diorang then,aku just ignore it and give them some SMILE.

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