Sunday, April 3, 2011


My Geography text book still not FOUND.GAH!*frustrated 
I thought I have put it on my bag but,when I came back home that day,it's missing.Yeah,I'm a 'pelupa'.So,I didn't remember where I put it before I'm home.Hmm,now I just have two ways.
-Find it
-Buy another book
and my plan is..BUY ANOTHER BOOK 'cause if I want to find for it,I guess that would take a long time.HMM,but,the 'mak cik' said theres no stork?stoke? whatever la..yang penting STOK.
So,I just have to wait for it. -___-
So,sesiapa yang terambik buku aku,please pulangkan balik.Actually,buku aku tak ada nama.HEHE

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