Saturday, April 16, 2011

I've Learnt To Live Half Alive

Everytime I wake up,I smile and wish that day will be the best day ever.Unfortunately,It's NOT that easy.I just wish everything could be good and there's no tears to shed of.
But,day is just Ordinary.There's a PAIN.
Everytime I'm in the car,I see the whole thing about the city.It's like,the first time I look up to this world.I just want to find and understand what life is?
The city is just full with bright lights and tall buildings.Everything is getting bigger than ever.The Moon becomes brighter and brighter that shining up the dark sky but,stars seems hiding from me.
Sometimes,rain company me with my sad feeling.Then,The rainbow cheering me up with its colourful face.
I know,my life is not as cool as TV show(like Hannah Montana,iCarly,Victorious).I'm just get up and living my life to become a successful person.I hate people who love to insult me(Yeah,siapa yang suka dihina?).I just respect to who I have to respect.Sometimes,people that I love,actually hating me so much.That's a fate and I really have to accept but,I cant.I'm trying harder and now,I don't know what's really has happened.
Sincerely from AMIRA JAOG

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