Friday, April 8, 2011

Stay Here All Alone

Sitting here,all alone.With nobody's by my side.Friends..all offline and left me without a word.Wishing,something miracle will come to make my heart will stay happy as always.I'm just dance slowly in an empty room and sing myself a quiet lullaby.Can the lonely replace you?Can the sunlight bright up my day?Can the rainy day company me?
Say GOODBYE to you but HELLO to nobody.Why does the loneliness entered my life?

Friends,why we've had to be apart?I miss the bittersweet moment that we've had.I miss the whole thing about you guys.You guys are not just A group of people for me but,an important peoples to my life.It's okayy if we can't be a VVIP or VVVVVVIP but,A person can be an important to someone's life.No need all people to respect us.
Looking you guys leave me is like a nightmare dream.A nightmare that make me cry all night..
Friends,I've already missed ya!<3

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