Saturday, April 9, 2011

Liar Liar

"And all I see in you,
Is another mistake right over my shoulder.
Now, I see who you are.
And all I saw in you,
Was a boy just lookin' for fun.
Now all I need is an apology,
But damn, that's too much."
Written by Christopher Drew from Never Shout Never.

Heish.Thats a first word from me.Okay,I had a fight with a guy.And thats good 'cause I can post it into my blog and you guys tak de lah boring sangat.Okay,It's just a misundertanding fight but,neither me nor him ask for forgiveness.Aku rasa aku betul and dia pun camtu so,tak ada siapa yang nak mengalah.HMM,lucky me,I have a COOL best friend ever and she said,she want to scold him and back up aku.AHHH,lega sikit.Sorry 'cause aku tak boleh bagitahu sebab aku bergaduh dengan dia.Hope u guys understand :)

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