Monday, April 4, 2011


I'm just a people who always make other peoples hurt.I'm not loving it.It *tut.But,I don't know how to get rid those dirty attitude.As I said in the title,I'M JAOG that is Just an Ordinary Girl.People always makes mistakes right? Now,I'm hating myself for making my friend hurt.Tu baru satu je yang aku tahu.Tak tau la ramai lagi yang sakit hati dengan aku.Seriously,I'm so sorry!Aku tak berniat pun.
What's wrong with me?! ya guys must think I'm crazy rite? pergi tanya diri sendiri pulak.Diri aku ni bukannya boleh menjawab pun.
An apologize is not enough.An apologize can't putar balik masa and do the right thing.
I have a question,WHAT SHOULD I DO?
I'm trapped in this situation.Baru je tengah HAPPY2 pasal USOP semalam but,now..good mood has turned BAD.People always said,bila happy,mesti ada sedih.They can't be apart.
I just want to say SORRY for the people who have I hurt.I'm not forcing you to forgive me but,Just don't hate  me.If you want to scold me or punch me,just DO IT.Please,don't hate me.

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