Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Yesterday or MAYBE that Monday,I've watched a COOL episode of Icarly.It's title is=Icarly,Igot a new hot room!whoaahh!CUN gile wot dia punya BEDROOM!Wish my bedroom more cooler than HER!:D
And then,pergi bukak internet and dah bukak laptop nih!Out OF Blue,Internet ROSAK!HAIYO!Dah excited gile TIME TUH!sedih gile!
nak menangis pon buang masa je.LUCKY me,I ada kawan like FITHRAH!Dia la yang selalu bagi semangat kat aku suruh BERSABAR.'till now,aku cuba and then,BOLEH!WOW!thanks DUDE!:DD
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A! or M!raira

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