Sunday, February 20, 2011

Dreamed Sneakers

I knew,Sneakers are always be in TEENAGER's mind.We're LOVE it 'coz it WAY TOO COOL and suits to our STYLE.Okay,Look above.See the sneakers?it is act like I was dreamed but,It's not suit to my style and I'm not wearing shorts so,just FORGET about it.
The sneakers stole my heart!I LOVE IT!it's in my favourite colour,that is GREY!WOW.Just want this COOL STUFF.Please :3
Okay,I have to told u guys.This is TRUE CONFESSION of me.Act,I hate wear sneakers.HAHA  becoz If I wear sneakers,soon,it will be like this
That's why la.Act,i love this stuff but,u guys sendiri tengok la.I'm not loving wears sneakers :D


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