Monday, February 21, 2011

Running Round Leaving SCARS

Nur Hidayah,my friend.I mean,My NEW friend at SMKDE.She left me without news.Or should I say,she left US!How could u?I want u to stay forever at 1 KRK.We can play the games and u also can make me laughing whole day.U're just a GOOD friend.Also SMART.Maybe I don't know u YET.But,the way u treat me are so NICE.I am so SAD.But,I don't want to cry 'coz my eyes will be RED like KAT HAIR(victorious).
Hidayah,there's no USELESS word in u.Everyone LOVES u.EDWARD(engku) wait for u.Just now,I went to school and he didn't even CURANG like Jacob(disshannth).Taylor swift(amir),always talk about u.
I know,u want it so BAD.But,I am so upset 'coz all this time,I did make u SUFFER with all the jokes.I AM SORRY.

Hope u listen my WORDS.Thanks for feel sympathy

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