Friday, February 25, 2011

What Would Be YOUR Goals?

Everyone has their own goals.So as me and I'm gonna list it HERE.Before that,I want to describe about this goals stuff.Okay,GOALS is NOT meant goal that football stuff.But,it is about what you're hoping and dreaming.Something like that lah.I know,u guys knew what's this mean.I am not trying to say that you're DUMB but,I'm just explain about it.So,conclusion,don't misunderstand.Okay?

  • Make my PARENT proud of me
  • Berjaya dalam dunia dan akhirat
  • Not do such a SILLY things
  • Not fucking people
  • Do the nice things
  • Not GOSSIP anymore
  • Make people say that I am not USELESS
  • Make my life WORTH
  • Have a great RESULT in PMR and SPM or any exam :D

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