Saturday, February 26, 2011

(Captured by AMIRA.Model:penguin adik!Objek:keychain)
Oh maiyy,Pingu left his SHOE.Like CINDERELLA :D

Act,that's not what I wanted to tell.UMM,maybe this song is not suit to this POST.but,UMM,SORY :(
What I'm gonna tell ya is I headed to my cousin's house last night 'coz they throwed a birthday party.So,before that we're went to TROPICANA CITY first.Then,we chose a PERFECT present for him that is A control car(toy).We knew he likes car so,we bought him a toy sport car.I'm sure he will like it.Sorry to u guys 'coz there's no pict.That's why la I put this pingu picture.HAHA
Okay,the WORST part is when it's time to blow the candles.As always,all the children will stand in front of the cake.And when my cousin want to blow it,they blowed it first!I thought so and poor him.If I were in his shoes,I will cry and tell my mom to fire the candles one more time so,I could blow it ALONE.But,he just patient with those kids.Patient ye,HAIKAL.
The food,whoah!yummy!his mom cooked chicken chop by herself.My mom took 2 chicken,yeah!it totally awesome!
Before I forgot,at Tropicana city,my mom bought grapes and it cost RM22.In the car,my mom taste it and my mom said,"tercatat rekod,mama beli anggur harga RM22".HAHA,I just listen to it and have a little bit laugh.HMM,I guess,this is the end.This is the longest post I've made.HAHA,hope u guys enjoy reading it!:D

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