Sunday, February 27, 2011

Her Favourite Necklace

(Captured by:Amira.Object:Her Favourite Necklace(bought at Forever 21)

This is MY favourite necklace.maybe,in your eyes,it doesn't look so pretty but,I think it's just pretty.I LOVVE it <3
Okay,now.I just want to tell ya that,I'm not loving that person anymore.I don't have a cup of tea,sumber inspirasi and apa sahaja yang dipanggil.HMM,from now on,this second,I want to change my LIFE.I don't want to have any boy in my heart anymore unless memang JODOH.HAHA,and except ALLAH,RASULULLAH,Family and friends.For what we love a person from now?bukannya terus dapat kahwin.HAHA,okay,I know.teenagers ni..mesti ada gak sesapa dalam hati tapi,bukannya kita x boleh elak kan?HMM,okay,that's it!and I want to ANNOUNCE that I AM officially SINGLE and it's what I want for my LIFE.

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