Friday, February 25, 2011

What Failure Feels Like?

Hell to the 'O'(Fareza's words)!at school,I have to present about a product I've created.then,I just kept promoted about the product,out of the blue,I've started to forget.DARN,I'm the worst.I thought it so.I'm not LOVING to be a FAILURE but,I am not confident to present something.Yeah,like what the motivater said,"many people smart in writing from speaking ENGLISH".I am so AGREE with it.What am I gonna do with this attitude?ERGH!I am so frust and just want to do it again with a little bit confident.HMM,whatever I do,it's not going to upper the result.From now,I want to change.I don't want to be the LOSER and the FAILURE.Hey,I'm in KRK.I can't just PROUD about it.But,also have to do the work SERIOUSLY!


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