Monday, February 21, 2011

Friends Or BFF

What I'm gonna tell?Just keep on reading 8)
Okay,Friends?Confession=I'm not GOOD at choosing friend,not even!But,YAY me,all my friends,just GOOD!I am so Thankful but,now.I have to choose,the OLD one or the NEW one.Actually,I love BOTH.And both are COOL.But,I have to choose it anyway 'coz I'm afraid at one time,I have to choose it in RUSH.And when I choose wrong,I will REGRET and be the GUILTY person.Yeah,it's hard to choose but anyway,I don't have an answer YET.It's a GREAT news to u guys.So,people!don't worry be happy :D
BOYFRIEND?Gah!what the heck are u asking about??!No comment -__-
actually I have this SUMBER INSPIRASI.But,I don't really want to have a BF so,just WEK to it.HAHA

TYSM for reading.Hope u guys enjoy!

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