Sunday, February 27, 2011

On The Next Birthday,I Want...

HAHAHA,talk about something nonsense 'coz I don't have an IDEA so,just talk about what I LIKE for my birthday present.Actually,I didn't ask u to and I also appreciated what u have gave me this year.But,I'm just tell ya what I like..Okay?READY?1,2,3...

  • I want a English novel likes diary of wimpy kid or else
  • I want a purse 'coz I am bored with my purse right now
  • I want a CD movies or songs that I interested(must be english.HAHA)
  • I want a black sneakers(whoah)
  • Take me to MCD so,we can bought MCFLURRYY!!!
  • I want a CUTE necklace
  • I want a GORGEOUS watch(brown eh?haha)
  • I want a COOL bag
  • I want a HOT jacket
  • I want a POLKA DOTS umbrella
  • I want a BIG pencil box so,I can put my BIG GLUE
  • I want a NEW CAMERA..HEHE
That's all!If you have more cool stuff,just gimme.HAHA
GTF?(fareza and mira je yang tau..HAHA)

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