Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Say What?

Okay,Okay,Okay.I knew it
Last week,Thursday and Friday I am NOT went to school becoz I had a headache like I said to u guys.And when I came back to school,my BI's teacher told us to NOT FORGET about the PRESENTATION.The presentation was about 'OURSELVES product'.Me and Fareza are the GANG called,GTF and my company also name like that.We are just got an IDEA about a DRINK.The drink is Soya BEAN.We chose Soya because we knew that the SOYA has many goodness.We are finding something good so,we can present/promote it BETTER.Then,about the product,we're just finished discuss 'bout it and we have buy the thing to paste on it.HMM,I hope this is gonna be the COOL presentation EVER!'coz I'm gonna KILL it XP


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