Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Who Is Me?

Am I a jerk?a nice girl?good at cook?talented?shy person?talkative?
I don't really know who am I 'cause at sek rendah I am a jerk,talkative..
but,this high school I'm just knowing by a shy person who is innocent.Should I stay like this or be a little brave?
Why I have to loose them?But,right now,thanks god,I can still in touch with all my who that I ignored sorry!maybe I am kinda busy and don't misunderstand 'bout it.okay?
if u guys want to hear my voice or miss me..(cehh!)just call me.I be by your side if u guys want to share your probs.hmm,I wish I could chat or call everybody and tell 'em I miss ya!

Love Lover,

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