Saturday, January 1, 2011

Miss Everything

Hey,u guys..
what r u guys feel rite now?hmm,just dont ask me what am i feels right now..I  AM TOTALLY FEELS SAD!
okay,miss everything not means MISS(cik) everything but it is mean MISS(rindu) everything.

The MOST that I am missing rite now:
- Miss 2010 (that word)
- Miss my class(that place)
- Ofc,Miss my FRIENDSS(miss wott!)
- Miss my Teachers
- Miss my precious moment with family,friends and teachers
- Miss attitude duluuu..

hmm,almost everything I miss in 2010!I hate the way I feel rite now.I'm gonna leaving my friendss!yang aku boleh jumpe at new school nnti=syera,aiman,syahir,syahmi..itu je!(not all yg same school with me okayy?they all petang)hmm,what a very suck emotion!

dont ask,I will tell ya!

  •   Want to be a better person(no jerk)
  •   Nak kurangkan Dosa and banyakkan beribadah
  •   Nak menarikkan lagi blog  
  •   MORE focus at studies
  •   X nak mencarut
I guess tu je..actually,dh x tau pe lg dah..(hehe)
umm,so,WILL MISS YA-u guys!

Love lover,
miraira-meera'x selenge-mira tika

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