Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Do You Remember?!

Still remember when we at 11?went to syahindah's house,bought ice blended,trained for bola jaring,bende keras,tertepis muka syahindah..and lain-lain..still remember??
and do u remember?we lose at bola baling,first time aku luka,GENG SELENGE?,every funny jokes..
and much more..
At class,everyday..I can't focus!because everything there,is something remembering me to u..
why I can't forget that all?huh!how about my studies?I have to go on this LIFE!
just a year,and I can see my BFF yang sekola petang...hmm,cant wait...
sempat ke jumpa diorg?mana tau ajal aku dh sampai sebelum tu :(
dont know why I always felt like that..
haritu,call aina..and then,I ckp yg confused la..nk pindh SB ke x,taon dpn?and then,aina ckp,x pyh la..lg setaon nk jumpe i said,above..
hmm,I wish that day is TOMORROW!


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