Sunday, January 9, 2011

Avril Copied Miranda Or Miranda Copy Avril?!

okay if u want me to proof,i show ya!
I can't just reka this story ok?here's the proof..
try to listen this
MiRand cosgrove-what are you waiting for 
and this
Avril Lavigne-I'm with u

above,we can say that maybe miranda copy avril cause lagu avril lg lama dari lagu miranda..I don't want to kutuk miranda or avril..I love they both,but,aku,I just need your comment or suggestion

and,one more..
this song is my song at this blog,and bile I dgar lagu ni..tetibe,teringat plak kat lagu miranda yg bwh tu..

Avril lavigne-what the hell(new single)
and this is miranda's song,that I's same..both are new..thats why I'm just confused
Miranda Cosgrove-dancing crazy

and this!I have no idea about it!it's the same music n lyrics!
n this,

I guess,yg daydream ni..miranda nyanyi balek lagu avril ni..sbb lagu avril ni dh lme..hmm..I guess la
okay,enjoy the song!hahak!


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