Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The truth

 Why u keep saying he loves me..??but,actually u like him.I really not understand.better u go and find him back.before u cannot see him forever.I know u love him!don't lie to yourself.just telling the truth.u are my best friend forever and what u do,I know what's your point.just live your life.don't let he be!don't give up.just do what u love and forget what u dont!wake up!it's not the time to not trusting love.(this is all about my this one friend)
when u love somebody sincerely,u will love him forever.and u will wait for him.but,if u just love him because his charming face,just forget about it.I'm not forcing u to love somebody but,just motivating u..if u love someone,don't let your heart hurt by yourself.also,dont regrets.If he and u was not meant to be together,just let it go.'cause jodoh comes from god.let it find u and don't find it.(this sentence is for desperate people)

 Love Lover,

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