Saturday, January 22, 2011

Best Feelings Ever!

At school today,I have to stay 'till 4.30
Because today we got to study about strategy to get straight A's
seriously,that teacher is soo FUNNY!
and he also have win because made me and my friends laugh for 8 hours kat skola tu
huh!lucky me,'coz had a great day ever today
but,kinda tired la
yeahh!8 a.m sumthing to 4.30 p.m
woow!x terasa pon 8 jam kat situ
sbb asyik ketawa je..hmm,jgn jeless!haha
umm,x dpt jumpa aina..batang idong die pon x nampak
kengkwn len pon,bayang pon x de
Hmm,x dpt jumpe lah
Ok,buyh!Penat gile!

mira tika

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