Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Why You Have To Make Things So Complicated?

First-first aku online,MOOD okay je.Makin lama,makin HAPPY/Ceria.It's like,ada burung berkicauan dalam hati ni.It feel so GOOD!
and I didn't expect a bad thing could come.
Suddenly,someone has made my HEART crashh!and it was like,there's storm come and burung-burung yang tengah berkicauan tu terus lari.Everything's become DARK.
Angry with her because of her words and she's ruin my day! What's wrong with her?!aku tak kacau pun hidup kauu!tiba-tiba je.
HMM,biar lah dia.aku tak nak gaduh sebab nanti everyday,I'll wake with a bad emotion and that's not good!
Okay buyh nak tengok CINTA MELODY :D

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