Monday, June 13, 2011

First Day At School After 2 WEEKS Of Holiday

I woke up in this morning and I FELT SO TIRED plus SLEEPY.I just want 2 weeks more school holiday.
Then,I went to school just now like I used to.I just saw HAMIZAH and I asked her,"mana FAREZA?".She replied,"Tuu,dekat sana" and I was like OHH OKAY.
Mira datang and screamed,"SELENGEEE!".I ignored it .
*penat speaking english 
Okay,Fareza and Sabrina PUASA today.Mira and AKU asyik kacau dia je.Just now,I posted this at Facebook ."Fareza Nabihah,I wish you could see me just now(I ate *vanilla ice cream cake* and it tasted so delicious)".Dia comment ni= -___-" wait for my revenge!

Today also,my results is OUT but bukan semuaa.Apa yang aku dapat today=  A for AGAMA,B for ENGLISH and C for KHB.Isn't that GREAT?!

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