Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I'm Blogging,You Reading :)

Almost EVERYDAY,Fareza talks to me about what she've read in TUMBLR.When I heard that,rasa bersemangat pula nak buat TUMBLR.But,bila dah sign up/register,tak tau nak buat apa and tak tau nak guna.So,aku rasa aku akan buat TUMBLR when FB and Blog dah tak popular :D

Okay,just now baru lepas tengok TRUE CONFESSIONS OF HOLLYWOOD STARLET(my favorite movie).I love the way ELIE,ELLY,ELI *awhh,I don't know how to spell his name! talk.
He said="You see him,You call me".I just love this dialogue :3
HRMMMM,today I started doing my FOLIO SIVIK.
Remember lagii tak aku pernah post that I'm gonna do folio sivik aku that day?I'm just lying.Muka macam ni nak buat awal-awal?OHH,COME ON LA 

Dear Mira,
I hope you love what you see right now?see the background?tak putih dah kan?HAHA
So,if you love what you see,please show some love with vote or give respond okay?don't forget five heart dekat looks terbaru aku dekat LOOKLET.COM :D =thankyou

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