Wednesday, May 25, 2011

To-Do List

  • Talk to cikgu about..uhhhh SOMETHING!you don't have to know
  • hantar FOLIO Seni dekat Cikgu Syed
  • Lap tingkap and sapu sampah for the last time

  • Balut buku teks
  • Download lagu-lagu best
  • tidy up the mess that I made
  • capture a COOL picture kalau out
  • beli DIARY OF WIMPY KID and baca sekali
  • Blogging ONLINE ;)
  • Belasah adik sendiri
  • Make a VIDEO 
  • Text my old friend
  • call Aina
  • Basuh Pingu adik aku
  • Decorate Wardrobe
and much MORE!

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