Monday, May 30, 2011

I Don't Feel Like To Do It

X_X What's wrong with ME?
I'm NOT sleepy yet.Seriously,bila dah layan lagu Don't let me go by The Click Five ni,suddenly,feeling sangat and sampai don't feel like to post about pergi Wangsa Walk tadi.Yeahh,kinda TIRED.

Yesterday I went to Mira's house and today,I've got to hang out with my friends at Wangsa Walk.Balik-balik je terus tolong mama dekat dapur.Penat tu penat but,puas hati la sebab TOLONG MAMA.Dapat Pahala :D
HMM,cuti ni memang PACKED!banyak sangat benda nak buat.Keluar sana sini.Online lah blogging pasal cuti lah,MACAM-MACAM lagi.
What I do is COMPLETING what I have to complete.But,now..*sigh don't know what to do 'cause now is about 11.30 PM.Nak chatting pun dah malas.Buat video lagi la malas!

Words of the day=Sometimes,what we say we can do is not like what we imagined.

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