Monday, January 16, 2012

14 Now!

I'm growing up but still searching the meaning of life.Same mission,same ME who love about this beautiful nature.

Wish I could travel the world and take the picture of the beautiful nature so that people can see the beauty of nature and wish I could write about how I feel about it.
That's my DREAM.

Okay,Last Saturday was my BIRTHDAY! :D That day was actually a tiring day but I love it.
'cause I got PRESENT from my mother.Thanks,mama.
I got A BAG :)
Sabtu tu,pagipagi aku pergi One Utama dengan ayah aku and aku pilih sendiri bag tu and pergi makan dekat Carl's JR.Burger dia,OMG :9 so FANTAAASSTIICCC!
After nikmati burger tu we decided to go back home and malam tu,pergi dinner to celebrate my birthday.At first,pergi ambil kakak dulu dekat UM then,baru pergi dinner.It's a GREAT night.Even,we just spent about an hour but,it's UNFORGETTABLE.


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